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Andrea Scott is an award winning playwright and producer who has been writing since 2011. She has been in the playwright units at Obsidian Theatre, Cahoots Theatre, Roseneath Theatre, Factory Theatre, Theatre Direct, Nightwood, and Eastern Front Theatre.

Her first foray into writing culminated in a staged reading of her one-woman show, Damaged, which had its debut at bcurrent in their rock.paper.sistahz festival. Directed by Philip Akin and dramaturged by Mel Hague, she completed Eating Pomegranates Naked. This play had staged readings at Alumnae Theatre, bcurrent, Obsidian Theatre and Black Theatre Workshop. In 2013 the play won the RBC Arts Professional award at SummerWorks.

This was followed by a commission from Mixed Company Theatre to write a play about bullying among girls at an elementary school level. Frenemies was toured around the Greater Toronto Area in November 2014.

Concurrently she was in the HotHouse, the playwright's unit at Cahoots Theatre, headed up by Artistic Director and dramaturge, Marjorie Chan. It was in this unit that Andrea refined Better Angels: A Parable which was accepted into the New Ideas Festival in 2014 where it had a 7 day run.

Better Angels: A Parable went on to win the SummerWorks Award for Best Production in August 2015. This was followed by a staged reading at the Idle Muse Theatre's Athena Festival in Chicago.

Better Angels: A Parable is part of Expect Theatre's PlayMe podcast initiative which began in January 2016. Available for download on iTunes (www.playmepodcast.com) the play is accessible anywhere and anytime.http://www.playmepodcast.com/better-angels/

Princesses Don't Grow on Trees opened at Solar Stage Children's Theatre in April 2016. This Theatre for Young Audiences piece explored the imagination of a young girl who feels isolated because of her family's absorption in digital devices.

2016 saw Andrea's new play Don't Talk to Me Like I'm Your Wife at SummerWorks. Directed by Andrew Lamb and starring David Christo, Lisa Karen Cox, Kimwun Perehinec, Jeff Lillico, and Paula Wing, the play explores feminism, slut shaming and the power dynamic that exists between the genders as viewed from Mata Hari's prison cell in 1917. The play was named for the Outstanding performances of Kimwun and Lisa.

In 2019 Andrea was awarded the Magee TV Diverse Screenwriting Award.


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I am a professional actor, playwright and producer who aims to increase the presence of black bodies on stage.

My work as an actor includes 'Omnium Gatherum' at Canadian Stage, 'Danny, King of the Basement' with Roseneath Theatre and 'who knew grannie' at Factory Theatre.

Tessa in 'Kindness' by Dennis Foon at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People

still from 'Kindness' by Dennis Foon. Winnipeg, MB.


Photo by Peter Griffith

Photo by Peter Griffith

photo credit: Rick Roberts

photo credit: Rick Roberts

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